What is this game?

MPL is an online strategy game wich offers the ability to fight, work, open company’s or start wars and so much more.
The more you play, the more options you will find for your own development.
This game is very big and complicated so building an empire takes time.
Let me remind you that the rewards on long term are without a doubt.
a once in a lifetime opportunity!

Why should I play this?

This game is a real money maker if you know what you are doing.
You can work your way up the ladder.
Find your game :
Be a worker and collect huge rewards .
Build a real estate empire.
Let people work for you.
Wage wars and collect treasures.

” Invest your time wisely
and collect 1000 EUR/month
after 2 years playing “


Energy is the most important thing in this game
Less energy means less earnings
Energy will drop or raise based on many things listed below


  • Each hour it will raise if you have less then 10 energy
  • Eating and drinking will increase energy
  • Wearing clothes will increase energy based on it’s quality
  • Living in a house will increase energy


  • Each hour it will drop by (energy x ((energy/5000) + 0,016))
  • Each time you recruit, it will drop 1 point
  • Each time you attack/defend a war it will drop by 5 points
  • Each time you work or clean a region it will drop by 20%


The amount of local currency earned per work shift depends on your productivity.
• Productivity is calculated by: (Energy x 0.45) + (Economic Score x 0.30) + (Skill x 0.25) + Country POI Bonus + Organization Bonus.
• Economic score drops daily by 1 point (at 24:00 server time) and increases 1 point each worked shift, maximum is 100.
• A work shift lasts for 4 hours and you can work twice each 24 hours (from 0:00 to 24:00 server time).
For as long as you work you can’t recruit, travel or fight in wars.
• Amount earned: (Wage x 4 x (Productivity ÷ 100)).

• You can have a maximum of 300 skill Points total and 100 maximum in each skill. Each work shift using that skill raises 1 point.

• Work skills can be paused/unpaused. This is helpful if you want to stop learning a specific skill when working.
This can be done by going to the desired skill panel.



There are 4 different houses to chose from. Each house gives it’s own % of energy over time.
Rent or buy a house to increase your energy.
Either you buy or rent, once you move in, your energy will go up each hour depending on the property.
Houses can only be used when in the same country as the user.








Let people work for you


Wars are a way to earn gold(Euro), conquer regions for more resources, raise your military rank and have your name listed on the patriots page.
You must have attack weapons to attack and defense weapons to defend a region.
Only verified accounts can do damage in wars.
Not wearing a full set of clothes applies a 10% damage penalty in wars.

For each determined amount of damage dealt in a war, you will earn medals and gold if available in the war fund (check a war page for the damages needed, the gold that can be earned and the war fund available at the moment for the first 10 medals in each rank).
The gold earned is taxed by countries and recruits (5%).

Surplus war medals (above 10 for each rank) can be converted into collectable medals, this means if you have a rank of General, for example, you can convert any medals you win in wars into collectables. You can’t convert collectable medals back into ranking medals.
Collectable medals can be sold to the War Fund for their full value.
You can do this whenever you can/want, as long as the War Fund has the fund to buy it.


Collectable medals can be sold to the War Fund for their full value.
You can do this whenever you can/want, as long as the War Fund has the fund to buy it.


All the users who register on your link become your recruit for a period of 60 days,
period that can be extended at a cost of 0.5 Euro for another 30 days.
They will pay up to 15% tax on each ingame income, depending on your energy.
When a referral deposits in euro in his game account, you will receive 10% of the amount deposited.


The recruit market is international which means you can trade recruits from all over the world, in gold. For a better investment i recommend you take a look at the income report of that particular recruit before buying him.
Some players have developed a strategy to create a huge income from buying/selling recruits.
Active recruits can be sold for over 100 Euro each.

Your Chance is Now !


Proof of payments

Tested & Approved

  • Min. withdrawal 20 Euro
  • Withdraw to Neteller or Paypal
  • Withdrawal cost 20% country fee

Save & Secure Withdraw

  • Withdrawal processed fast
  • Deposit via Bitcoin possible


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